So today Nintendo had the long awaited Nintendo Direct.  There were some great games announced that I believe many of my fellow readers will be very happy about.  I will list the some of the games I would consider big reveals.  

Metroid Prime Remastered

This was my personal  favorite reveal. I have so many memories with this game.  I always thought that this game needed a remaster and I’m very happy it finally got one.  Metroid prime remastered is available now digitally and will be available physically on February 22.

Legend Of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom

This a big one for everyone.  We all been waiting for so long and this game will release on May 12.


Also long awaited Pikmin 4 will be released on July 21.

Advanced Wars 1 and 2 reboot.

Advance wars wow cant believe its getting a reboot.  This is a great game and it will be released April 21.

Gameboy and Gameboy Advance

This was only right. Nintendo switch is a portable system and these were great portable consoles.  Great to see these released on the switch.

Check out the whole direct below

Those were the biggest reveals in my eyes but there were a lot more. You can view the entire Nintendo Direct below. 

What games are you excited for? Lets us know in the comments below,

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